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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

ATM - advantages & disadvantages

In our country, there are a lot of banks which distribute ATM cards, for examples, Vietcombank, ACB bank, BIDV... Each bank distributes different kinds of ATM card. I think “ten thousand miles card” is the most popular card. So now, I’ll only say about it!

First thing I want to present is structure of ATM card. ATM card is made in plastic. In the front of card, you can see account number of user, it includes sixteen numbers. And period of using card. At the bottom there is name of user. In the back of it, we can see a black range. It’s a magnetic stripe – a very important part of card.

When using something, we usually care about advantages and disadvantages about it, aren’t we? So, I’ll share with you some advantages and disadvantages of ATM card

About advantages:
1. You don’t need carry cash if you go some places which have ATM.
2. If your ATM card is stolen, your money is safe because the criminal would need your PIN to access your funds.
3. If you need cash, you don’t need go to bank. You can access your money at an ATM every time of day or night.
4. You don’t need pay the common transaction’s fees.
About disadvantages:
1. You also need carry cash because not that there are ATMs everywhere.
2. In our country, most of ATM cards allow you to withdraw limited money during the day. If you need withdraw more, you must go to the bank.
3. Secure problem: the ATM card can be faked, make a loss for banks and users.


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